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Fragment of an Empire, 1929
"Fragment of an Empire" is a Soviet silent film about an amnesiac veteran of World War I who regains his memory after the Russian Revolution. The poster captures the veteran's reaction to the new Soviet world, his horror visible in his fear-crazed expression. The jarring color contrast between the two worlds he is caught between brilliantly accentuates the psychological drama, while the drawn black hands desperately try to shield him from a world he does not understand.

A work of leading Constructivists Gyorgi Stenberg and his brother Vladimir, this Avant-Garde design is as shocking and powerful as the movie itself. It is considered one of the masterpieces of poster art. Extremely rare.

23.4'' x 37.3'' / 59 x 95 cm
Lithograph | Backed on Rice Paper
ID# RUC11691
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