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Lena Amsel/Consee, Munchen (double-sided), 1922
Schnackenberg was known as the "Toulouse-Lautrec of Germany" for good reason -- like Lautrec he produced few posters, but all of them are considered masterpieces of a decadent and stylish world. In Schnackenberg's case, that was the exotic, erotic, exquisite and twisted world of expressionist pre- and post-WWI Munich. Posters were just one part of his involvement, evidenced by this hard to find, 43-plate portfolio of his finest costume, poster, and theatre designs, which includes all of his most sought-after designs. Rare and beautifully printed!
10.3'' x 13'' / 26 x 33 cm
Framed Size: 14'' x 16.5'' (36 x 42 cm)
Lithograph | Paper
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