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Maison du Porte-Plume (dark), 1928
The invention of the fountain pen in the 1880's spelled the end of the road for the century's old dip pen. The new technology itself would give way 80 years later as the ball point pen was perfected in the 1960s. But in the 1920s, the fountain pen was in its heyday. One of the leading specialty shops in those years was Brussel's House of the Fountain Pen (porte plume in French). In 1928 the firm commissioned leading posterist Jean d'Ylen to create a superb poster in light and dark background variants. His image of a courtier displaying oversized pens and ink wells has become a classic of product poster advertising. The dark version is especially dramatic and extremely rare.
43.3'' x 62.6'' / 110 x 159 cm
Lithograph | Backed on Linen
ID# FRC24758
over $10,000
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