Close-up of stacks of ocean liner; yellow, gold, gray, black
Close-up of stacks of ocean liner; yellow, gold, gray, black

New Statendam For Real Comfort Holland-America Line, 1929
This dynamic, tightly cropped poster by Cassandre is one of the most perfect expressions of the Art Deco Style. Statendam's abstract symphony of ventilation cowls, smoke stacks, support wires and wavy smoke trails makes for one of the most compelling designs of the Jazz Age. Here the great ship steams at full power but the ship seems like it is not moving, living up to the poster's message - "The New Statendam: For Real Comfort." Cassandre burst onto the Paris scene in the mid-'20s and was soon recognized as the father of a new, Machine Age poster style. Strongly influenced by modern art developments (such as Precisionism in this poster), his posters shocked the public with their dynamic spatial arrangements and abstract geometry. His travel posters for the Normandie, Etoile du Nord, and Nord Express, all created in the late '20s and early '30s are among the most recognized posters ever. In 1936 he was honored with a one-man show at the Museum of Modern Art.
30.5'' x 40.3'' / 77 x 102 cm
Framed Size: 36'' x 45.5'' (91 x 116 cm)
Lithograph | Backed on Linen
over $10,000
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