Mother and baby robins in nest; green, blue, red
Mother and baby robins in nest; green, blue, red

No Room for Gloom (Mather Work Incentive), 1929
In 1923, Charles Mather began selling subscriptions for an annual poster series to corporations. Inspired by government workplace motivation posters during WWI, the series aimed to improve worker productivity and curb turnover during the booming Twenties. The annual, 80-poster series could be seen posted around hundreds of factories in the U.S. and in Great Britain. The series continued through 1929, where the designs achieved an unmatched power and graphic simplicity. "No Room for Gloom” is one of its most sought-after images; the industrious robin and jaunty typography is a visual expression of the optimism of the rising nation. To learn more, click here. In excellent condition with hand stained finished corner frame.
36.3'' x 43.8'' / 92 x 111 cm
Framed Size: 37.8'' x 45.5'' (96 x 116 cm)
Lithograph | Backed on Linen
$3,201 to $6,000
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