Crowd of people watch fireworks display; blue, pink, black
Crowd of people watch fireworks display; blue, pink, black

Fireworks Salute! (TASS Window #1149), 1945
This is from a collection of extremely rare News Agency "window" posters from the Soviet Union. Posted daily in shop windows of Moscow after the German invasion started in June 1941, TASS posters were intended to rally support for the war, and later the post-war, effort. As victories piled up, TASS designs abandoned much of their venom for messages of unity, thankfulness, and recovery. One of the most colorful panels in the series is #1149, Salute, from February 1945 when the Third Reich was collapsing. Fireworks explode over Red Square as a crowd pays tribute to the sacrifices of their countrymen. (Note: Fireworks in Russian are called salutes). The text translated: Under the leadership of the great Stalin the Red Army is crushing the vile German aggressors, and is advancing to the West, to raise the banner of victory over Berlin! Honor and glory to the heroes!
48.0'' x 50.4'' / 122 x 128 cm
Stencil | Backed on Rice Paper
ID# RUP22269
$3,201 to $6,000
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