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Southern California - United Air Lines, 1954 ca.
Following WWII, domestic flight mileage in the US remarkably tripled in four years. One of the leaders was United Airlines, which introduced the DC-6 in 1947 for a non-stop transcontinental journey from the West Coast in 10 hours. It also rounded out its western route destinations from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Denver and the Pacific Northwest, moves which helped it overtake American Airlines as the largest American Airline by 1960.

United was equally pioneering in its advertising during these years. Its first campaign from 1948 was quickly followed by an eight poster campaign by Joseph Feher featuring Mid-Century Modern graphics (note the italicized airline typeface) and focusing on Western destinations.

This playful image, one of the rarest in the series, is for the Los Angeles area, a key destination for the airline. A panoramic view of the sunny coastline is the backdrop for a gigantic sun goddess attired in her two piece sun dress. From our research, we believe the design precedes and perhaps inspired the poster for the famous movie, The Attack of the 50 Foot Woman from 1958.

25'' x 40'' / 64 x 102 cm
Photo offset | Backed on Linen
ID# USC18634
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