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The Monarch of Bermuda - Furness Bermuda Line (brochure), 1933 ca.
The Monarch of Bermuda was the crown jewel in the Furness Bermuda line, cruising between New York and Bermuda from 1933 until World War II. It was known as "The Millionaire's Ship” and was popular with moneyed honeymooners and elite travelers. During the war period, the liner became an infantry landing ship, and was finally withdrawn from passenger service in 1966. Relics of the ship’s glory days are highly collectable and this is one of the most beautiful Art Deco cruise line brochures we have seen, complete with geometric zigzag designs in silver ink. The brochure unfolds to reveal black and white photographs of all the ship's features. On the other side is a stunning 32.5 x 41 plan of the ship, deck by deck. View the unfolded brochure.
8.5'' x 10'' / 22 x 25 cm
Lithograph | Paper
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