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Ski the New Haven Railroad, 1939
This classic Art Deco image promoted the New Haven Railroad’s innovative “Snow Trains” that provided transportation from New York, plus equipment, room and board at the mountain. The Snow Train concept spread to other railroads and was hugely popular, especially as driving to the slopes was nearly impossible and lodging virtually nonexistent. They were particularly instrumental in the growth of the New England ski industry. More than any other artist, Sascha Maurer’s posters captured the public’s imagination for the slopes with bright and stylish designs. Trained in modernist design in Germany, and himself an accomplished skier, Maurer’s streamlined images offered one of the few bright spots for the beleaguered railroad during the Depression. This poster is a self-portrait of the artist. A photograph was taken of Maurer in this pose with a stack of books under each ski. It is one of a handful of classic posters the artist created for the New Haven Railroad, and one of the best of all American ski posters. Extremely fresh color in Fine overall condition. Framed.
27.5'' x 41'' / 70 x 104 cm
Framed Size: 35.5'' x 49.5'' (90 x 126 cm)
Lithograph | Backed on Linen
$3,801 to $10,000
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